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Powersafe have PV Solar Grid Packages to suit all budgets for homes and businesses to help reduce your electricity bill with clean, green energy. Powersafe use only trusted quality products known for their reliability and vast experience within the PV solar industry. Couple this with our accredited installers and you get a system you can depend on.





By installing solar power on your home or business you are helping to reduce greenhouse gas emissions.  This entitles you to create environmental credits called Small-scale Technology Certificates or STCs for short.  These credits are a commodity and tradeable like shares on the Australian Stock Exchange.  Like other commodities the price of STCs is not fixed and varies with supply and demand.  1 STC equals 1MWh of generation from a renewable source and is part of the Mandatory Renewable Energy Target which is an industry development mechanism created by government in 2001.

To calculate how many STCs you are entitled to visit: